The most majestic fly-in sporting community 46U: A 6,000’ runway, Class 3 AWOS, with a lighted runway and GPS approach


The Refuge AirRanch at Alpine Airport is a year-round fly-in residential development in Wyoming’s majestic Star Valley. A new gem in the heart of the American West, the gated community has taxiway access to the most spectacular and user-friendly airport in the world. Despite being situated next to Jackson Hole, the AirRanch remains removed and undiscovered, offering vast wilderness as a safe haven from modern disruption. The natural landscape provides year-round recreation in multiple dimensions every changing season.

The abundance of activities, freedoms, advantages, and conveniences that The Refuge AirRanch offers is inimitable. Also, the State of Wyoming represents the lowest cost tax jurisdiction in the country. Many of Wyoming’s most magnificent homes have been built here over the last couple of years with the highest quality building designs, architecture, and materials. The Refuge at Alpine offers some of the last lots ever available in this exclusive setting with abundant clean, safe, pure, non-invasive resources.  

Land at your own airport, taxi to your doorstep, and park your airplane in your garage (your hanger is now your garage). Hurry and unpack because waiting out your front door is world-class snow skiing, water skiing, hiking, camping, biking, golfing, fishing, dining, hunting, flying, gliding, snowmobiling, horseback riding, off-roading, rock climbing, and so much more.

Whether you choose to enjoy civility or completely avoid it, every changing season provides something new for everyone. 


April 2020 – the FAA approved two of Alpine Airport’s approach applications. These are RNAV WAAS approaches with minimums down to 628’ AGL and 1-mile visibility on the Runway 13 approach. The approach is now amongst the finest approaches in North America, with great nearby alternatives in Jackson Hole, Idaho Falls, and Afton. 

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Alpine, Wyoming 83128, United States
Contact: Brian Rowser